The Fujian Petrochemical Industry Design Institute

  The Fujian Petrochemical Industry Design Institute and The Fujian Chemical Industry Technology Research Institute merged in October 2011. Both institutions were established in 1958, they have been through a long history.

  After the merger, a fully qualified institute which mainly engaged in chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, civil construction, municipal environmental protection, pressure piping, pressure vessels design was established. This comprehensive chemical design and research institute sets engineering design, engineering consulting, project supe-rvision, general contracting, construction costs, environmental impact assessment, evaluation of production safety, product quality inspection, staff skills identification, cadres training as one, and also devotes itself to chemical research and development.

  The institute has technological advantages in the areas of petrochemicals, organic chemicals, inorganic chemi-cals, fine chemicals and bio-chemical industry. Good performance is kept especially in manufacturing fluorine chemi-cal products, perchlorate, lithium salt, molybdenum salt, hydrogen peroxide, silica, industrial gases, LPG, LNG and bio-pharmaceutical products. Distinctive industry characteristics are embodied in providing service of environmental protection, safety production, quality inspection, staff education, information consulting and also in the development of oil chemical products and forestry chemicals.

  The institute obtained first prize in the National Science Conference Award and National Invention Exhibition Award, two third prizes in the National Science and Technology Progress Award. Several outstanding scientific research have been completed by the institute which included the Lime Carbonized Briquettes, Fatty Acid Continuous Vacuum Dist-illation. Twenty projects by the institute achieved provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress award of which two projects obtained national patents.

  The institute has 180 existing staff and 160 professional and technical personnel including 7 professorial senior engineers and more than 100 senior engineers. This professional team has 98 State registered engineers, 2 of them achieved the Best Designers of the Chemical Industry Ministry because of their outstanding contribution at the provin-cial and ministerial level. Many members of this team are experts who have made special contribution to the scientific and technological development of Fujian Province. Capable workforce and talented people lay the foundation for sustainable development of the institute.

  The institute grew with the reform and opening up, and overcame series of challenges in adapting to the market economy. It is now capitalizing on the opportunity and challenge of building the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone with a new look.