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The Fujian Shihua Production 德赢vwin官网AC米兰-德赢vwin官网 Company was established by our institute in 2004. In the same year, we obtained the temporary qualification of safety evaluation agency in order to start undertaking safety evaluation tasks. We obtained the class B certificate of safety evaluation agency issued by the Fujian Safety Supervision Bureau in 2005. The business scope of our safety evaluation center covers the areas of petroleum processing industry, raw materials of chemicals , chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, gas production and supplying, housing and civil construction, warehousing, food and beverage processing industry, textile industry, leather products. We have many professional and well experienced senior technical staff including experts from the provincial production safety expert group and the municipal safety production management. After several years of practice with powerful technical support, the Fujian Shihua Production 德赢vwin官网AC米兰-德赢vwin官网 Company is stepping into a standardized track of development. We are now providing service with the spirit of standard, truth, science and consumer satisfaction. We hope that we can make a great contribution to the production safety of Fujian Province.