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The Fujian Chemical product quality inspection station was established in 1994. It is a professional institution which stands for Justice, public welfare and supervisory of quality testing of chemical products and chemical environmental monitoring within Fujian (Minkezheng 2003 Vol.5). In 2004, the Fujian chemical product quality inspection station passed the CMA measurement authentication provided by the Fujian Quality and Technical Supervision (certificate No. 2004 B0101). In 2005, we passed the assess of national pesticide product quality inspection agency. The assess was organized by the China Pesticide Association, entrusted by the National Development and Reform Commission. After that, we were authorized as a pesticide product inspection unit with the Fujian pesticide production approval certificate (China Pesticide Industry Association 2005 No.31). We have 16 staff including 5 senior engineers, 7 professional engineers and 3 assistant engineers. We have a refined, skilled, professional quality inspection team, a 300㎡ laboratory and 28 sets of professional equipment. We have undertaken quality assessment of awarding and renewing the provincial pesticide production approval certificate which is provided by the economic operation department of the National Development and Reform Commission. We also undertaken quality test of fertilizers, pesticides, pesticides, chemical reagents issued by the provincial management department. We offer analysis and statistics of provincial petroleum and chemical industry in order to provide databases for evaluating product quality of the oil and chemical industry, testing, judging and managing pollution sources. We are entrusted by the judiciary and the relevant law enforcement authorities to undertaken examination and identification of pesticide products. We participate in revising the dosage standard of fertilizers and pesticides and in the establishment of industry standards and enterprise standards. We also offer training program for quality inspector of petroleum and chemicals, and obey the principles of Science, justice and charity and the concept of high-quality, convenient and integrity, in order to provide excellent service for the community.