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Our institute provides information service of petroleum and chemical industry. We have accumulated a wealth of information resources over the past 30 years, established extensive contacts with many experts and scholars of oil and chemical industry and related industries. We are capable to provide technical and economic advice, journal editing and publishing, advertising media communication and thematic information retrieval. Thus far, we have participated extensively in the government decision-making, enterprise development and scientific research. We use advanced information technology with original concept to achieve high-level information service for the petroleum and chemical industry in specific areas like production, trading, scientific research and management. The principal business of our information service center are providing technical and economic advices, long-term tracking studying and analyzing the trends of domestic and international oil and chemical industries, providing research and advisory report, publishing the Chemical Engineering and Equipment monthly magazine to create a professional platform for delivering business information. Our cooperation with many famous foreign suppliers establishes a comprehensive database which can be conveniently used in on-line retrieval service. Our database covers the areas of chemistry, chemicals, petrochemicals, oil, biology, light industry, medicine, textile, paper, agriculture, forestry, metallurgy, engineering and computer. Client will find relevant information in the forms of literature, patents, conference record, company directories, manufacturers, analyzing report and world-renowned newspapers and journals.