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 China has rich resources of turpentine with an annual output of more than gum rosin 400KT, being the highest in the world. With the depletion of oil and other one-time resources, how to use rosin, this renewable natural resource, instead of parts of one-time resources has become an increasingly important research topic. With economic development, using turpentine as a renewable resource for sustainable development will become increasingly important in a nation. The Fujian Province Chemical Industry Science and Technology Research uses rosin turpentine as raw material to develop a variety of light-colored rosin turpentine tackifying resin products, with a wide range of applications in the adhesive industry used to improve adhesive color and improve product quality; it can also improve the weld ability of flux in the electronics industry, increases security, does not require washing, keeps the board clean and is the creation of a model for the rosin turpentine processing product series development in China.

(1) Synthesis of light-colored terpene resin into a new processes
Terpene resin is made from using turpentine as its raw material, through a method of cationic polymerization to make a fine tackifying resin. It is widely used in rubber, plastics, packaging, printing ink, paint, adhesives and other industrial sectors. The “New technology of terpene resin synthesis” was successfully developed by the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Research Institute of Chemical Industry, with a resin yield of ≥ 90% color 2-4, softening point of 80-130 ° C, and quality to meet or exceed the State Department of Forestry Standard LY/ T 1453-1999 special grade requirements and is better than the the product Piccolyte A of the United States Hercules Company. It has passed the provincial appraisal and is a catalyst for domestic initiative; its overall level of technology is ranked in the domestic leading position and has won third prize in the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards. This has resulted in the transfer of more than a dozen domestic manufacturers, especially the Qingliu Perfumery factory in the Fujian province, completing the country’s largest 3000t / a terpene resin in the production line, and has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits.

(2) The development of a modified terpene resin
The key scientific research project in the Fujian Province undertaken by the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Research Institute of Chemistry; the “Modified terpene resin development” has received recognition of the Science and Technology Department of Fujian Province. The built 500t / modified terpene resin production line, has a resin yield of > 92%, product colors ranging 1 to 3, a softening point of 80-115 ° C, acid value ≤ 1.0 mg KOH / g, and quality indicators having reached similar foreign product level, with its overall levels of technology ranking in the domestic leading position. The modified terpene resin is made up from using turpentine and styrene as raw materials by cationic copolymerization to create a light-colored tackifying resin, and having a light color it also has particularly good thermal stability and superior tackifying effect characteristics. The solubility in aromatic compounds is better than terpene resin and at the same time is also soluble in aliphatic compounds. This kind of resin can be compatible with wax, EVA and various elastomers, natural rubber and styrene butadiene rubber. In adhesives, coatings and the printing ink industry it can be used as a colorless tackifier, particularly in the hot melt adhesive system suitable for sanitary napkins and baby diapers. It can be used to replace expensive imported resin.

(3) The environment-friendly light-colored rosin ester products development
Our country’s deep processed gum rosin products - rosin esters, are widely used in industrial sectors such as paint, ink, cable, furniture, adhesives and rubber products. Regardless of domestic market or foreign markets, rosin esters color is always an important indicator of quality where users require light color products. However in terms of similar foreign products our country ordinarily has a darker product color (domestic product color 7 9) and has benzene dissolved discoloration and other defects, which therefore affects its competitiveness on the international market. To counter this situation, the Fujian Province Chemical Industry Institute of Science and Technology thereby successfully developed light-colored rosin, light-colored rosin pentaerythritol ester tackifying resin products with a color of 1 to 4, an acid value of 3-20 mg KOH / g, softening point of ≥ 85 ° C, solubility in benzene Qing (1:1) and will not change color. It has thus met the demand for high quality industrial products of the light-colored rosin ester, and its product quality has reached the level of similar foreign products making it capable of replacing imported resin. The series production process route is a simple and reasonable process without the "three wastes", and has better economic, social and environmental compatibility.

(4) Terpene phenol resin, terpene phenol resin developed
Terpene phenol resin is the condensation of phenol and formaldehyde which is then alkylated with a terpene and made into an oil-soluble tackifying resin. It is widely used in paint, ink, rubber, plastics, footwear, cables, adhesives and other industries and is capable of replacing expensive tert-butyl phenolic resin. The resin has a yield of ≥ 90%, color 4-7, softening point of 80-150 ° C, acid value ≤ 20 mg KOH / g, and the product’s quality has reached the advanced level of similar foreign products. The product also has good economic and social benefits.
A tackifier resin of terpene phenol resin is a copolymer made from turpentine and phenol. The product has a strong polarity, high softening point, excellent heat resistance, and the ability to increase the ductility and flexibility of products, is an acrylic resin, a styrene-butadiene rubber, natural rubber, and an excellent chloroprene rubber tackifier. This product is mainly used in paint, ink, paint, rubber, packaging, hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives and other industrial sectors. The pilot has been completed and the resin has a yield of ≥ 90%, color 5-7, softening point of 90-150 ° C, acid value ≤ 1.O mg KOH / g, and the product quality has reached the United States Hercules Company standards.