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The tall oil is also known as oil slick, and is based on pine kraft pulp plant as a raw material to be recovered from the black liquor as a byproduct, which contains 30-60%,20-30% of fatty acids, 10-20% of rosin acids, the low-boiling substances and bitumen. The present technique uses the membrane column and two efficient packing columns as the main equipment, the unique design of the tower reboiler circulation system, the long-term operation in the high-temperature, high-vacuum conditions, the application of the technology may separate tall oil: pamite, tall oil fatty acid, distilled oil slick and the oil slick asphalt and other products. The technology has much attention from the Technology Department of Fujian Province, "June" as a key research project. In 1986 it received the technical appraisal of provincial scientific and technological progress second prize by the province and reached international standards. Having a yield of > 90%, the product’s quality met the American Society of Testing and Materials ASTM standards. The plant has an annual handling capacity of 2000 tons and was put in production in 1986 being identified as the normal operation of more than eight years, and expanded the production scale of 5000t / a in 1995.