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Due to its superiority in environmental protection, lubricity, safety and renewability, biodiesel has received much universal attention. Currently Europe’s biodiesel usage accounts for 5% of their refined oil market, the United States’ energy policy has officially classified biodiesel as an automotive alternative fuel and our country is currently producing biodiesel in ascendant. The Science and Technology Research Institute of Chemical Industry of the Fujian Province in their completion of scientific and technological projects in Fujian Province relied on the basis of "oil soapstock comprehensive utilization of research - oil soapstock synthesis of fatty acid methyl esters” to place more in-depth study in biodiesel synthesis technology, and successfully developed catering waste oil (or acidification oil), as raw materials. The oil would then use continuous pressurized hydrolysis catalyzed esterification, high vacuum continuous vacuum distillation, and the hydrolysis wastewater recycling production industrial grade glycerin new technology to improve the comprehensive utilization of resources and products yield. The production costs are thus reduced and at the same time it solved the problem of secondary pollution production. Biodiesel’s each performance index is similar to our country’s 0 # diesel performance indicators and is an excellent alternative fuel.