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As traditional agriculture believes chlorine to be harmful to the roots of crops and soil, there are limits to the use of ammonium chloride as agricultural nitrogen fertilizer. The 1980s focused on the slow-moving market of ammonium chloride, and our office was the first to lead investigation surrounding the system of compound fertilizer with ammonium chloride to resolve granulation difficulties, achieving usage that was 20% higher than the urea compound fertilizer nitrogen utilization yield as well as lowered production costs. Our office together with the sulfuric acid plant in Fuzhou and the Fujian Chemical Fertilizer and Pesticide Companies, jointly achieved a 10 year profit tax of 3.2 million yuan. The results of the project in the province were directly transferred to five production companies, and were later promoted by original provincial petrochemical Hall. The greater contribution of the project is to make ammonium chloride from unsalable items and transferring them to best-selling products, to promote soda ash development. The transfer of technology to the nitrogen fertilizer plant in Fuzhou (now Fuzhou Yaolong Co., Ltd.), led to a near tenfold increase in the production of soda ash and ammonium chloride, and has now reached an annual output of 200,000 tons of ammonium chloride production, which is all used in the production of compound fertilizer and domestic products, and are exported to Southeast Asia which achieves significant economic and social benefits. This project was awarded the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.