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In the 1980s due to the alkali shortage of raw materials leading to many household glass manufacturers to be stopped and cut, our office started to continue the succession via small scale laboratory in 1979 and expanded the small tests to pilot, Luoyuan, Nanping chemical production enterprises and through cooperation conducted “sulfuric acid - in the middle we investigated salt ammonium bicarbonate metathesis and small Hou new technology”, making a breakthrough progress, and won the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. On this basis, our office accepted the former State Ministry of Chemical Industry issued “5,000 tons / year of sulfuric acid - the middle of the salts ammonium bicarbonate complex decomposition Hou” industrial production process and device research. The project received a high degree of attention from the Minister of the former Ministry of Chemical Qinzhong and several greetings from the researchers involved in the project. The project passed various production assessments from the former by the former Ministry of Chemical Fertilizer Division and Former Ministry of Chemical Soda Manufacturing Institute and others. The evaluation of the new technology shows the advantages of having a short process, investment, speedy, product standards, technical characteristics and also being profitable. The former State Ministry of Chemical Industry issued a document to selectively promote the technology on a national scale. Our firm together with the Yong’an ammonia plant transferred the technology to the eight producers. The Yong’an ammonia plant has used this technology for eight years in its production, producing more than 20,000 tons of soda ash, recovered its investment in full within three years, and has made three million yuan in profits and taxes. The process greatly eased the contradiction between supply and demand in the local production base. The project also won the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.