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In the 1970s, the rapid development of small nitrogenous fertilizer shortage anthracite lump became the bottleneck in the development of small nitrogenous fertilizer. Comrade Ye Weiying and others accepted the original national fire ministry’s development of scientific research mission and used the fertilizer plant in Yongchun to conduct experimental study on lime carbonized briquettes project which proved success, and then promoted the use of same to over five hundred small nitrogen fertilizer production enterprises. Ye Weiying’s edited “德赢vwin官网AC米兰-德赢vwin官网 and Applications" monograph was published in the domestic public. In 1976 our office’s Ye Weiying transferred the lime carbonized briquettes application process with new breakthroughs, such as the summary of the high material layer carbonation law, proposed variable-temperature carbonization and molding pressure of new technologies and new techniques, new technology research topics, passing the trial in 1990 through provincial identification and was crowned with having national originality. The “variable temperature carbonization” method was effectively used in many small domestic nitrogen fertilizer production enterprises to improve the quality of briquettes and shortened carbonizing time. The result of lime carbonized briquettes research played a very important in the development of small nitrogenous fertilizers in promoting same. Our office’s Ye Weiying had major contributions to the project and was named by the former Ministry of Chemical labor model as providing the first special contribution to the province with a title of an outstanding expert.