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Shaowu Fertilizer Plant 100,000 Tons / Year of Synthetic Ammonia, 200,000 tons / Year of Ammonium Nitrate Technological Transformation Projects (national large construction projects)

The Fujian Shaowu fertilizer plant was built in 1965 and put into operation in 1966, with an annual output of 5000 tons of synthetic ammonia, ammonium nitrate, and 10,000 tons of small nitrogen fertilizer businesses. After 40 years of development, the enterprises have been fitted with a big upgrade, two series of nitrate and fluorine chemical, producing an annual output of ammonium nitrate at 200,000 tons and 100,000 tons of ammonia. Among these, the ammonium nitrate production scale ranks fourth in the country, letting it rank third in the largest amount of ammonia produced in the Fujian Province. Our institute carried out the blueprint design for Shaowu fertilizer plant from scratch and witnessed its development from small scale to today’s brilliance.