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In the 1880s, our institute was appointed the Fujian Provincial Government and Shanghai Science and Technology collaboration’s key project feron plant design work in Shaowu City of the Fujian Province. The operation of the plant filled the blank of our province’s fluorine chemicals and also pioneered the development and design work in our institute hydrofluoric acid. Since then, our institute has completed a Shaowu City fluorine chemical plant, Shaowu Yong Fei Chemical Co., Ltd., Shaowu Hua Chemical Co., Ltd., Xiamen Di Chemical Co., Ltd. (gloss) Fluorine Chemistry Branch,, Fujian Jianyang Jinshi Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Shangrao poly Sheng Chemical Co., Ltd. and other nap hydrofluoric engineering design work. In terms of hydrofluoric deepening works, we have developed the engineering of sulfur hexafluoride, perfluorooctyl sulfonyl fluoride, perfluorotributylamine, boron trifluoride, aluminum fluoride, and other projects contributing towards the fluorine chemical industry in the Fujian Province.