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 Fuzhou Yihua (Wing Tai) Company 50,000 tons / year of hydrogen peroxide project compliance in 2001 and was put into production. Anthraquinone process for the production is currently the most widely used method across the world. Hydrogenation uses a fixed bed palladium catalyst, and by optimizing the extraction products it achieves 35% dilute hydrogen peroxide with all indicators reaching the advanced level. our institute designed with the technical expertise of hydrogen peroxide, has in recent years, completed the main hydrogen peroxide project design: Quanzhou Longtime Chemical Industry Company, 50,000 tons / year of hydrogen peroxide, Shijiazhuang Coking Group 1.5 million tons / year (100% concentrated) hydrogen peroxide, Fujian Kingboard Group 30,000 tons / year (50% enrichment) hydrogen peroxide, Pakistan and Bangladesh 17.5 tons / day (100% concentrated) hydrogen peroxide, making a greater contribution to the development of the inorganic chemical industry in China.